Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Daily Focus & SNAPS Letter of Intent & Programs

TO The Daily Focus Readers

First thank you for allowing me to focus on photography by visiting my blog. The blog is basically a good place for me and the people I meet, today, and I have a place to stay in touch. More importantly it gives me a place to tell their story. I lied - more importantly I have a platform to sell my photography which keeps me traveling and I continue to focus and get better in my field.

I trust that using my camera and my personality that I will get a few of my life questions answered and I know that I will meet people who will given me more questions - which will still be answers.

Hopefully the daily focus will give you the same effect. Maybe some information that you needed from someone who has lived it. I know if you read daily you will be enlightened and the entertainment value will be there too. If not I am out too.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your stories,



INFORM, ENLIGHTEN & ENTERTAIN while getting to know people, places and things through quality photography in active recreation and entertainment environments.

Oh yeah, and sell photos and downloads and keepsakes and such...

Each morning sometime before 10:00AM I will post the days blog and the goals for the day. Anticipated photography locations and people I am looking to meet. I will be posting updates all through out the day.
Each evening sometime after sunset I upload all the photos to SNAPSofUs.com as they upload I finalize the days post or edition.  Links and specials will be in each edition.

All photos are loaded unedited or raw to SNAPSofUS.com the evening of the shoot. The photos are available for unlimited download (for a small donation) while the selected few are edited, after they are edited they are placed the the days gallery for Gifts, Posters and Souvenirs. ( 3 - 5 days)



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