Saturday, January 14, 2017

@TAZCABLESNAPS Is Giving Away 100 2Hour SNAPSessions (Click for Translation)

Hey Ya'll - Thanks for visiting, I hope you come back to this particular outlet (The Daily Focus) it is my current road map and time line to being a better photographer. I am not new to the business but I am new to focusing entirely on one thing - in my life.

Taz Cable - Photographer 
I am a gypsy by nature and have been in my RV traveling the US for almost a year. I have found myself wanting to be a Photographer that lives on the road for a few months out of the year and also establish a relationship with my fellow winter 2016/2017 Friends in the Tampa Bay Area, more specifically Palm Harbor, Florida Area.

Some of you are here because I ask and some are here by referral. Either way my goal is to shoot everyday, get better at my art and my niche in that art - photography.

I need help building my resume. I am looking to give away 100 two Hour SNAPSessions using and trying my interpretive style of photography on folks like you.  Using The Daily Focus  and my street approach - So that I have some what of a relationship with before I start ambushing folks at events and festivals. Practice.  Become comfortable as a photographer but also an effective blogger. I am using all my methods to promote this one page and collect the correct amount of information from every photography opportunity I run into or personal I intercept on the internet.


Click the photo below to be directed to an online form I created to better know you. Hurry I do have a time limit on what I can do and what my travel plans are. No matter where you are in the USA or in Tampa Bay - tell me more about you.  Thanks again.

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