Thursday, January 12, 2017

1/12/17 - Thursday - When Did I Develop A Shy Side?

WEEK: 1 DAY: 3

Dunedin City Park
Clearwater Beach

AS TODAY STARTS: Well I am a little late in starting my day with words, but I started shooting right away today. The last few days since I started this blog something has stopped me from shooting.
In the last few days I have come to realize that I really have gone through some " Changes". Maybe it's a midlife crisis. Na. This is no crisis. I have really spent the last few months getting to know who I am, now. I spend so much time worrying about the projects I was working, I worked non stop so I really forgot how to have fun, outside work related functions or the bar.
As I get older I find that I wanna be more active. Well maybe I should say that as I peal more of these onion layers back I have the urge to BE more active.
So my point is I feel my confidence level is low right now. Most people can say that I have never met a stranger but it seems this morning I felt like everyone was unapproachable.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! I have been eager to meet with folks and capture some cool shots a week and NOW I have the excuse that I can't approach people. I guess what is really going on is I don't have "THE PLAN" as solid as I want. I took sometime so shoot some today and get more familiar with the camera. I will have the pictures up soon today. Look for my FINAL THOUGHTS TONIGHT just after sunset.

I am OK with this kind of drama - it's still a moving forward kinda drama. Growth!

4:07PM We I am at my part time job and I have a couple of photos edited. I guess I need to find shooting locations for times like today. I guess. I am just not thawed out yet. I am done here at 5:00PM and Sunset is 5:55PM - I will be on the Dunedin Causeway. I will see you this evening after sunset. Stick with me. I will get it together.

I wanna do post cards like this Clearwater Beach edited photo here. I have been sending post cards back home while I travel and I have to admit it is fun for me and those that receive them. I guess I need to start sending my own. ( I will now) Great idea!

I will start asap because I can print them.

So I hope that the Sunset photos tonight have some conversations - with people - not my self.
See ya later.

This has to be my favorite find today. The plea of a lonely heart in Dunedin Florida!

See ya After the Sunset!

Here is the link for the photos from today and my only subject Carol! 

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