Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1/10/2017 - Tuesday - The Excuses Start Now.

Today is my first attempt to all this. If you have not read the first entry then I guess I should briefly explain. You can read my full Letter of Intent that is in this blog.
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Basically every morning I begin the days blog like I am now. I come up with questions that I will ask people today, a survey or two, also my 1,000 Words Shenanigans , announce my Pop Up Studio for the day and questions I wanna ask to discover people. I think using this method will allow me to grab some unusual pictures and capture some great memories for folks.

So each morning I will start the blog with my thoughts:
Good Morning from Sunny and Chilly Palm Harbor Florida. I have not been in Florida before - ever - during a cold snap like we have had here. Today is going to be a challenge for me I think because I like to shoot photos outside and I am not sure how many folks I can find out today because of the weather. I am also kinda nervous because all of this is so new for me. My new adventure - photography - is not so new for me but this concept is. I am looking forward to the people I will meet today and making sure that "I am on to something here".

HERE  TODAY'S FOCUS - The content will fill in through out the day and I will start the  finalized version of this edition today one hour after sunset. Depending on the number of pictures and the amount of people I meet - you should see it complete by 8:00PM EST 1/10/16

TODAY: Tuesday January 10th 2017

Dunedin Causeway
Downtown Dunedin
Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks

In order to continue #MYride (journey) I depend on sales of photos. From the Download Donations to the Edited Photos for Prints, Gifts and Souvenirs. If you make a donation of $10 or more you will receive a password once the photos are loaded into PhotoShelter or SNAPSofUS.com by e-mail.
TO MAKE A DONATION You will have three days to download your photos, Royalty Free.
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POP-UP Studio - Today is going to be one of my favorite places here in the Tampa Bay area. The Sunset at Dunedin Causeway. I will be around the cafe & paddle board businesses on the causeway.
Sunset is at 5:54PM I will be in the area at 5:00PM organizing and staging participants. Bring the entire family - just no pets are allowed on the beach.

1,000 Words Shenanigans -  Since this is the first time for this one I will explain it. When I find willing participants I will give them words or emotions and with out thinking about it too much, I ask them to "pose" their answer and hold it while I snap pictures.

1) The Day You Met
2) The Color RED
3) Your Expecting (New Baby, Dog, Cat)

GETTING TO KNOW OUR FELLOW MAN: Everyday while out taking SNAPS of folks I will get to know them more. Some questions will go unanswered but I hope to capture wonderful facial expressions and body language.
Here is today's Frame Log and Questions of the day.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Well the time is 4:45PM and I screwed up my very first day. I didn't really. After I released my BLOG today I got a call for a part time job - today I trained - tomorrow is normal. Whatever normal is!

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