Saturday, January 14, 2017

@TAZCABLESNAPS Is Giving Away 100 2Hour SNAPSessions (Click for Translation)

Hey Ya'll - Thanks for visiting, I hope you come back to this particular outlet (The Daily Focus) it is my current road map and time line to being a better photographer. I am not new to the business but I am new to focusing entirely on one thing - in my life.

Taz Cable - Photographer 
I am a gypsy by nature and have been in my RV traveling the US for almost a year. I have found myself wanting to be a Photographer that lives on the road for a few months out of the year and also establish a relationship with my fellow winter 2016/2017 Friends in the Tampa Bay Area, more specifically Palm Harbor, Florida Area.

Some of you are here because I ask and some are here by referral. Either way my goal is to shoot everyday, get better at my art and my niche in that art - photography.

I need help building my resume. I am looking to give away 100 two Hour SNAPSessions using and trying my interpretive style of photography on folks like you.  Using The Daily Focus  and my street approach - So that I have some what of a relationship with before I start ambushing folks at events and festivals. Practice.  Become comfortable as a photographer but also an effective blogger. I am using all my methods to promote this one page and collect the correct amount of information from every photography opportunity I run into or personal I intercept on the internet.


Click the photo below to be directed to an online form I created to better know you. Hurry I do have a time limit on what I can do and what my travel plans are. No matter where you are in the USA or in Tampa Bay - tell me more about you.  Thanks again.

Friday, January 13, 2017

1/13/2017 - TGIFriday - The Juggle is Real


I don't have the pictures from last nigh sunset edited yet.
I didn't over come my "shyness" from Thursday. So it's just sunset photos.
Today this morning I am driving for Amazon. I plan on finding stories today. Stand by. Have a great day.

2:38PM - So I had a talk with myself today and if Rome couldn't do it- neither can I! It will all work out. I will figure out my approach to each day and meet fabulous people. Most businesses have a training period and this is something very new. For me any way. I am at the part time job - working on pictures from last night's sunset. The Juggle Is Real

Thursday, January 12, 2017

1/12/17 - Thursday - When Did I Develop A Shy Side?

WEEK: 1 DAY: 3

Dunedin City Park
Clearwater Beach

AS TODAY STARTS: Well I am a little late in starting my day with words, but I started shooting right away today. The last few days since I started this blog something has stopped me from shooting.
In the last few days I have come to realize that I really have gone through some " Changes". Maybe it's a midlife crisis. Na. This is no crisis. I have really spent the last few months getting to know who I am, now. I spend so much time worrying about the projects I was working, I worked non stop so I really forgot how to have fun, outside work related functions or the bar.
As I get older I find that I wanna be more active. Well maybe I should say that as I peal more of these onion layers back I have the urge to BE more active.
So my point is I feel my confidence level is low right now. Most people can say that I have never met a stranger but it seems this morning I felt like everyone was unapproachable.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! I have been eager to meet with folks and capture some cool shots a week and NOW I have the excuse that I can't approach people. I guess what is really going on is I don't have "THE PLAN" as solid as I want. I took sometime so shoot some today and get more familiar with the camera. I will have the pictures up soon today. Look for my FINAL THOUGHTS TONIGHT just after sunset.

I am OK with this kind of drama - it's still a moving forward kinda drama. Growth!

4:07PM We I am at my part time job and I have a couple of photos edited. I guess I need to find shooting locations for times like today. I guess. I am just not thawed out yet. I am done here at 5:00PM and Sunset is 5:55PM - I will be on the Dunedin Causeway. I will see you this evening after sunset. Stick with me. I will get it together.

I wanna do post cards like this Clearwater Beach edited photo here. I have been sending post cards back home while I travel and I have to admit it is fun for me and those that receive them. I guess I need to start sending my own. ( I will now) Great idea!

I will start asap because I can print them.

So I hope that the Sunset photos tonight have some conversations - with people - not my self.
See ya later.

This has to be my favorite find today. The plea of a lonely heart in Dunedin Florida!

See ya After the Sunset!

Here is the link for the photos from today and my only subject Carol! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

1/11/2017 - Wednesday - On An All Nighter. Excuse #2

Good Morning from Beautiful Palm Harbor Florida! Isn't this just the breaks. When I moved to Palm Harbor in my RV a couple months ago, I looked for work. Work that I thought I wanted. Nothing. I even applied at 7 Eleven and nothing!

Now I have a website to build TODAY!

I plan to do a Pop-Up Studio today I am not not sure where. I really hope to get out there with some 1,000 Word Shenanigans too.

I'll do my best. I am on an All Nighter tho!

I should have the final edition complete today an hour after Sunset.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Well I finished the website, but that did nothing for my Photography business. I hope tomorrow turns out some snaps and such.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1/10/2017 - Tuesday - The Excuses Start Now.

Today is my first attempt to all this. If you have not read the first entry then I guess I should briefly explain. You can read my full Letter of Intent that is in this blog.
CELL- 865-640-3313
FACEBOOK: @theTazCable

Basically every morning I begin the days blog like I am now. I come up with questions that I will ask people today, a survey or two, also my 1,000 Words Shenanigans , announce my Pop Up Studio for the day and questions I wanna ask to discover people. I think using this method will allow me to grab some unusual pictures and capture some great memories for folks.

So each morning I will start the blog with my thoughts:
Good Morning from Sunny and Chilly Palm Harbor Florida. I have not been in Florida before - ever - during a cold snap like we have had here. Today is going to be a challenge for me I think because I like to shoot photos outside and I am not sure how many folks I can find out today because of the weather. I am also kinda nervous because all of this is so new for me. My new adventure - photography - is not so new for me but this concept is. I am looking forward to the people I will meet today and making sure that "I am on to something here".

HERE  TODAY'S FOCUS - The content will fill in through out the day and I will start the  finalized version of this edition today one hour after sunset. Depending on the number of pictures and the amount of people I meet - you should see it complete by 8:00PM EST 1/10/16

TODAY: Tuesday January 10th 2017

Dunedin Causeway
Downtown Dunedin
Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks

In order to continue #MYride (journey) I depend on sales of photos. From the Download Donations to the Edited Photos for Prints, Gifts and Souvenirs. If you make a donation of $10 or more you will receive a password once the photos are loaded into PhotoShelter or by e-mail.
TO MAKE A DONATION You will have three days to download your photos, Royalty Free.
PayPal Donation Link


POP-UP Studio - Today is going to be one of my favorite places here in the Tampa Bay area. The Sunset at Dunedin Causeway. I will be around the cafe & paddle board businesses on the causeway.
Sunset is at 5:54PM I will be in the area at 5:00PM organizing and staging participants. Bring the entire family - just no pets are allowed on the beach.

1,000 Words Shenanigans -  Since this is the first time for this one I will explain it. When I find willing participants I will give them words or emotions and with out thinking about it too much, I ask them to "pose" their answer and hold it while I snap pictures.

1) The Day You Met
2) The Color RED
3) Your Expecting (New Baby, Dog, Cat)

GETTING TO KNOW OUR FELLOW MAN: Everyday while out taking SNAPS of folks I will get to know them more. Some questions will go unanswered but I hope to capture wonderful facial expressions and body language.
Here is today's Frame Log and Questions of the day.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Well the time is 4:45PM and I screwed up my very first day. I didn't really. After I released my BLOG today I got a call for a part time job - today I trained - tomorrow is normal. Whatever normal is!

The Daily Focus & SNAPS Letter of Intent & Programs

TO The Daily Focus Readers

First thank you for allowing me to focus on photography by visiting my blog. The blog is basically a good place for me and the people I meet, today, and I have a place to stay in touch. More importantly it gives me a place to tell their story. I lied - more importantly I have a platform to sell my photography which keeps me traveling and I continue to focus and get better in my field.

I trust that using my camera and my personality that I will get a few of my life questions answered and I know that I will meet people who will given me more questions - which will still be answers.

Hopefully the daily focus will give you the same effect. Maybe some information that you needed from someone who has lived it. I know if you read daily you will be enlightened and the entertainment value will be there too. If not I am out too.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your stories,



INFORM, ENLIGHTEN & ENTERTAIN while getting to know people, places and things through quality photography in active recreation and entertainment environments.

Oh yeah, and sell photos and downloads and keepsakes and such...

Each morning sometime before 10:00AM I will post the days blog and the goals for the day. Anticipated photography locations and people I am looking to meet. I will be posting updates all through out the day.
Each evening sometime after sunset I upload all the photos to as they upload I finalize the days post or edition.  Links and specials will be in each edition.

All photos are loaded unedited or raw to the evening of the shoot. The photos are available for unlimited download (for a small donation) while the selected few are edited, after they are edited they are placed the the days gallery for Gifts, Posters and Souvenirs. ( 3 - 5 days)